The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been applicable since 2018. However, considerable legal uncertainty remains, especially in the healthcare sector. The abstract data protection requirements often leave instructions for concrete implementation in healthcare facilities sorely lacking. Especially in the healthcare sector, where the processing of sensitive health data is common, the requirements placed on data protection practice are extremely high, while many exceptions and deviations from the basic rules have been scattered in numerous special laws. In addition, data protection requirements that must be observed can also be found in Austria outside of the GDPR.

Following the demand for guidance, the webinar "Data Protection for Physicians and Healthcare Institutions" is therefore intended to create an understanding of concrete problem points and the related implementation possibilities, while taking into account the latest developments in data protection law. There will be time in the last third of the presentation to answer questions from participants.


  • What requirements does data protection law place on physicians and healthcare facilities?
  • How do I deal with information and documentation obligations?
  • How do I distinguish between roles under data protection law?
  • What requirements are there in the area of data security and what rights do data subjects have?
  • What concrete steps can I take in the healthcare sector to comply with the GDPR?