The buzzword “tokenization” has been circulating through the ether for several years now. It is not only the crypto community that has recognized that the use of blockchain-based tokens makes a digital representation of almost all assets at least within the realm of possibility.

In early July 2021, Cointelegraph released a Security Token Report.

The report covers a wide range of relevant aspects of tokenization. It explains what it is all about, the differences between ICO and STO, which blockchains are relevant for the issue of security tokens today and much more. Supply and demand for STOs and related services are being analyzed and an insight into the market and its largest participants is given.

In addition to an overview of regulation in the USA, Switzerland and Asia, the report also offers a detailed representation of tokenization in Europe. We are particularly pleased that this part was written by us. Bryan Hollmann, Counsel at STADLER VÖLKEL and Oliver Völkel, founding partner at STADLER VÖLKEL, authored this part.

Now you can download the current Security Token Report 2021 also in German language here.

In our consulting practice, we have already accompanied a large number of tokenization projects. In this video, Bryan Hollmann explains the possibilities of tokenization.

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