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Content, need for change, project & procedure including civil law aspects of the LOG

On 22 September 2020, the Finanzverlag publishing house will host a seminar on the "Loan Origination Guideline" in cooperation with the Association of Austrian Investment Companies (VÖIG) and the Association of Austrian Banks (Bankenverband).

The guideline was published by the European Banking Authority (EBA) on 29 May, 2020, as a consultation paper with guidelines for the granting of loans, credit monitoring and internal governance in the lending business of a bank as part of the EU Action Plan Non-Performing Loans (NPL).

This seminar presents the content of the guideline(s), provides an opportunity to discuss its implications and offers interpretation aids. To assess the need for action for Austrian banks, a comparison will be made with the FMA Minimum Standards for the Credit Business (FMA-MS-K) and the German Minimum Requirements for Risk Management (MaRisk) and the differences will be highlighted.

Seminar speakers:

- Roland Salomon, BA - Financial Market Authority (FMA)

- Dr. Christof Splechtna - Managing Director at S2P Bankexpertise

- Dr. Oliver Völkel, LL.M. - founding partner and lawyer at STADLER VÖLKEL


E-mail to buschek@finanzverlag.at or by fax to (01) 713 53 34 - 85

Seminar paper:

EUR 592,- excl. 20% VAT

For members of the VÖIG or the Austrian Banking Association: EUR 552,- excl. 20% VAT


Last week we held an #Experttalk with Dr. Splechtna on this topic. You can watch it here here.