With the Culture-Token project, the City of Vienna DigitalesWien shows how blockchain can be put to practical use. Stadler Völkel Attorneys at Law support the project in clarifying legal questions.

People in Vienna will soon be able to collect tokens for using environmentally friendly transportation. This innovative bonus system is intended to create incentives for reducing CO2. The tokens collected can be exchanged for vouchers that citizens can redeem at cultural institutions— for example when going to a museum.

For this purpose, the app evaluates how much CO2 citizens save if they do not use their car for a certain journey. The use of the app and redemption of tokens is limited to the area of ​​the city of Vienna. Blockchain technology is used to generate and validate the vouchers.

We are pleased to support the City of Vienna together with other law firms and university institutions in dealing with fundamental legal questions regarding the use of blockchain technology. The project shows that the technology is being applied step by step in practice“, said Oliver Völkel, founding partner at Stadler Völkel.

The pilot phase of the project is already underway.

Details can be found here.